She Is Powerful With Lynn Morris

Step Into Your True Abundant Powerful Self

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Welcome Goddess!

I am so happy that you are here and let me just say straight away that I get you ! I know why you are here !

You are searching aren’t you ?

Searching for your unique meaning in life ! You know you can do better, you know that somewhere inside of you there is a powerful and creative and expressive force that is dying to get out ! You have tried many times before to free her !

Sometimes you can feel her ! she calls to you and keeps calling to you, you have something to do here ! You have something very special to offer. You have never quite given up but many times you had been down on your knees and prayed for her to be released !

You can never  quite find the right key to unlock her ! She wants to run free ! , she wants to fly ! she wants to ignite this world with all she has to offer !  She wants to scream and shout her truth ! she wants to sing her soul song from the mountain tops ! she wants to express who really is not what others want her to be !

She is waiting hands on the bars of the self imposed prison she is in ,she is beautiful ! She is Wise ! She is a healer ! She is a Wise one ! she is a powerful messenger and she is you !! and she is waiting for you !!

Are you ready to unlock her ? Do you WANT the keys ?   I HAVE THEM !


Are you ready ? is she ready ? then lets begin !!

I run a one to one mentoring program for those wanting total personal support of myself in a ten week program called the Swan empowered Program . Ten Skype sessions included as well as Soul Journey activation’s that take you through a process of unlockment

I also run an online six week program Called She is Powerful that runs on a live twice a year and contains all that you need to unlock that empress energy within you ,in the She is powerful program we work on many areas of dis- empowerment including belief systems, and manifesting, law of attraction and abundance too.

And I have my She is  Powerful academy which contains lots of great value programs to start you off  and i have my very favourite Golden Goddess Inner Circle membership which entitles you to a personal mentoring session a month on Skype with me as well as private support and guidance and access to all my programs in the academy and a private Facebook group and regular meet ups if you are IN THE UK .






Lynn also has an online academy called She is Powerful Academy which contains lots of really affordable empowerment and self healing programs and courses to inspire and motivate you and assist you to step into your true and authentic, powerful self .Lynn provides a loving and safe space to clear old ancestral patterns cycles and past life issues.


Lynn is passionate about giving women the energetic tools and mindset teachings that assist them to align with their Divine Feminine Selves, and completely unshackle a woman on a soul level and give her the inspiration, and space to step into a higher vibe and align with their passion and purpose in life and manifest what they desire.


Lynn’s promise and mission is to lead 77,000 women to their passion and purpose in the next five years!


So,who is Lynn Morris and what is She is Powerful all about ?

I have a personal passion and purpose to assist women to step out of their soul shackles, and release whatever is holding them back from obtaining total soul freedom on all levels.


I hold space and align women with powerful Divine feminine frequencies which assist to liberate a woman!


I work in a totally unique way and I just love women who don’t conform, who consider themseles mavericks, rule breakers and what to shake this world up! It’s about time it happened!   I hold an incredibly powerful space for you to release lifetimes of fear, oppression, abuse, domination and emotional and mindset blocks too!


I understand your fears, and I understand your blocks. Why?


Because I have been there and I have the t shirt!! I only eight years ago I felt utterly useless and felt like a failure. I had terrible low self – esteem and my confidence was at rock bottom. I did not love myself in fact did not even like myself! And I ached for a purpose a niche, to find what I was meant to do in this world and what was I doing here and why?


What can you expect from me?


Honesty, and straight forward teachings, I am not hairy fairy! I don’t do pink and fluffy! I say it as it is (that is the Lancashire Lass in me!) What I do well is to hold a powerful and very loving space, it makes you feel warm and cosy like a big purple velvet blanket is wrapped around you.   And most of all I care!  I care passionately about assisting you to rise in confidence, self-esteem, to find clarity and to release  you from past life cords, contracts, vows, oaths and decrees and to clear ancestral patterns and cycles and to give you the fresh new path you are see

I mentor women one to one


I run and hold life changing 'She is Powerful Bootcamp'


I create programs to make spirituality simple and easy to understand for all


I run a vibrant and very loving and supportive community on Facebook 'called 'She is Powerful '


I have lots of upcoming exciting projects to launch in the next year!


Here’s some more Information about Lynn!   

I was born in Preston Lancashire way back!! Not that much way back!

I spent 11 years working in my local hospital In Basingstoke and ended up working in a cardiac unit mending and healing people hearts!

I had a very intense and dramatic spiritual awakening way back in 2009 and my guardian Angel took me to see my future life and what I was here to do!

I have literally taught hundreds of students healing practice and angelic healing techniques at the early part of my spiritual pathway.

I have an incredible sometimes overwhelming gift to be able to see into past lives and a persons’ soul history and journey and karmic lessons and soul purpose. It was overwhelming to control at first, but I learnt how to control it and use it to assist others.

I have two grown up sons who I adore and a very supportive and loving husband who grounds and supports me in so many ways.

I have an ambition to own a home in Spain and build my own dream home in the UK

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